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Check out our complete unbiased reviews of the best ultralight hiking and camping gear in the market.

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Lightweight Backpacking Gear Reviews

As avid backpackers who value ultralight backpacking equipment, its our mission to provide you with all you need to know in order to select the best backpacking gear in 2020.

The experts here at Excursion Outfitters review “must have” backpacking gear, ranging from ultralight sleeping bags, to backpacking backpacks, to backpacking tents and more. Each product is put through a rigorous and comprehensive process so that we are able to provide our readers with accurate and unbiased reviews.

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Best Ultralight Backpacking Backpacks

If you’re wanting to hike in to some beautiful backcountry this year, then you will definitely need a lightweight and durable pack with enough room to carry all of your backpacking essentials. Here is our list of the best ultralight backpacks in 2020.

Guy sitting in green sleeping bag

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags

If you’re planning on backpacking in to a spot and camping for the night, then you will want the lightest sleeping bag possible. You will also need a sleeping bag that will keep you warm and comfortable. Here is our list of the best lightweight sleeping bags in 2020.

Orange tent and a blue sky

Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents

Picking the correct lightweight tent for your backpacking trip can make or breaking your backpacking experience. Here is our list of the best lightweight backpacking tents in 2020 that can provide you with a good amount of sleeping space and excellent protection from the elements.