Jetboil Flash Cooking System Review – How Does It Stack Up?

Jetboil Flash Stove Overview

Black Jetboil Stove

The Jetboil Flash is a back country stove system that boils water in 100 seconds, making it the fastest boiling time of any Jetboil stove to date. The stove is so fast at boiling water, it cuts nearly 1 minute off of the previous record time.

Its boiling speed is due to its impressive efficiency and power. The Flash can output anywhere between 4,500 to 9,000 BTUs. It also has FluxRing technology which reduces boiling time while also consuming half the amount of fuel of most other types of camping stove systems.

However, not only is the stove perform well, it also provides you with good monitoring and control. You are able to easily control the size of the flame by simply turning the bail clockwise or counter-clockwise respectively. The cook pot also comes with a heat indicator which will turn from black to red as the water heats up, informing you as soon as the water is boiling.

One of the biggest advantages of the Jetboil Flash is its compact packing size. Everything in the Flash cooking system can be packed inside of the cooking pot.

This makes it an ideal cooking system for anyone who plans on doing a lot of hiking and values backpack space.

Pros of the Jetboil Flash

  • Push-button Jetboil igniter removes the need for matches.
  • Jetboil Flash boils water in 100 seconds (very fast).
  • Jetboil Flash uses half as much fuel as conventional back country stoves.
  • Entire Jetboil system packs in to cook pot.
  • Change heat indicator lets user know when water is boiling.

Cons of the Jetboil Flash

  • Its relatively expensive.
  • Unable to set water to simmer.
  • Doesn’t perform well in really cold temperatures (only 3 season use).
  • Can only be used to heat up Jetboil Pot so you can’t use a frying pan.
  • Its performance can be greatly affected by the wind.

How to use your Jetboil Flash Cooking System

  1. One the burner, open the bail and turn clock-wise to make sure the valve is closed.
  2. Press the igniter button to verify that the igniter is creating a spark.
  3. Place fuel can stabilizing tripod on a level surface and press fuel canister into slots on tripod.
  4. Turn burner clock-wise in to fuel canister until it is tight.
  5. Open the burner valve by turning the bail counter-clockwise.
  6. Press igniter so that the burner produces a flame.
  7. Add water to pot.
  8. Line up slots on pot with divits on burner then insert pot in to burner and twist so that the pot is properly secured to burner.
  9. Place lid on top of pot.
  10. As the water heats up, the heat indicator located on the side of the pot will color change from black to orange.
  11. To turn off the stove, simply twist the bail clock-wise until flame is extinguished.

How to pack your Jetboil Flash Cooking System

  1. Remove lid from pot.
  2. Fold up the legs of the tripod and place tripod inside of pot.
  3. Fold up the bail on the burner and burner upside down in to the pot.
  4. Place fuel canister upright in to the pot.
  5. Put protecting cap on underneath the pot
  6. Place lid on top of pot.

Jetboil Comparisons

What is the difference between Jetboil Zip vs Flash?

The main difference is that the Jetboil Zip is designed for a single minimalist camper while the Flash is designed for two campers.

The Zip doesn’t come equipped with a push ignition lighter so matches or a gas lighter are required to get the stove burning. In contrast, the Flash does have a push igniter so matches aren’t a necessity, though it is recommended to bring matches as a backup.

The Zip is smaller than the Flash, only holding 0.8 liters as opposed to the Flash’s 1 liter. Since the Flash holds more water and comes equipped with a push igniter, is 1.1 ounces heavier than the Zip and slightly taller.

Another feature that is missing from the Zip is that the Zip doesn’t have a change heat indicator due to its smaller size.

The heat regulator valve on the Jetboil Flash is made with a more durable metal material as opposed to the Zip which has a valve made of plastic.

The boiling time for the Zip will take 150 seconds as opposed to the Flash which will take 100 seconds.

What is the difference between a Jetboil Minimo vs Flash?

One of the main differences between the Jetboil Minimo vs the Flash is that the Minimo has the ability to simmer water and perform in all 4 seasons. Unfortunately the Flash can only boil water and is designed for 3 season use.

Both stoves hold 1 liter of water but the Jetboil Minimo is 1.5 oz heavier that the Flash.

One of the biggest complaints about the Flash is that it doesn’t perform well in high windy conditions. This isn’t an issue with the Jetboil Minimo which has a larger Jet size.

It is important to note that while the Minimo is slightly more fuel efficient, the Flash can boil water in 100 seconds as opposed to the 135 seconds for the Minimo.

Where Can I Buy a Jetboil Flash?

You can buy a Jetboil Flash at local retailers such as REI, Cabela’s, Scheel’s and many others. Online, you can buy it on their official website as well as various other online retailers.

Overall Jetboil Review

While I really like that the Jetboil Flash can boil water in 100 seconds, I think most people would prefer the Jetboil Minimo. The Minimo simply performs better in windy conditions and is designed for 4 season use as opposed to the Flash’s 3 season use.

While the Jetboil Flash is great at boiling water, it unfortunately isn’t able to simmer water. In addition, while the Flash is fuel efficient, the Minimo is even more efficient. Overall I think that the Minimo is more versatile by far and therefore a better option for most backpackers.